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Electro Magnetic Protection

Take a look around your house. Do you have a color television? Is it a plasma TV or an LCD? How many TV's do you actually have? How many computers are in your home? Do you have wireless Internet in your home to "stay connected?" Do you have a cell phone or do you have extended range cordless "land line" phones? Do you have a microwave? Do you have a hair dryer or any electric tools? Washing machine and dryer? How many compact fluorescent bulbs do you have to save energy? You probably have many of these items.


Now take a look around your office. Does it have florescent bulbs? How many computers, printers, monitors and fax machines are there? Wireless Internet? This list could go on and on. Do you live in a city? Take a moment to look around at all of the lights, cell phone towers and other sources of energy that are bombarding you. Have you ever been in Times Square in New York City amidst the extreme deluge of neon lights?



~All of These Have Something in Common~

They all are significantly effecting your health; they are literally poisoning you. Did you know that they might be the cause of dizziness, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, rashes, digestive issues, blood sugar problems or brain fog, as well as some other very serious illness and symptoms?



What is happening is that we are being bombarded by ELF's (Extremely Low Frequency) and radio waves that are being produced by all of the "gadgets" that we surround ourselves with.  ELF's, often described as "Dirty Electricity," are generated by our television sets, computers, appliances (anything with a vacillating motor) and travel in the electrical wiring of our buildings and homes. It invades us from our neighbors and we invade our neighbors with dirty electric. Since the dirty electricity is in our wiring it is all around us, in effect "baking us" with frequencies that are not supportive of our good health, as it affects and disrupts the normal energetic patterns of the body.

Dirty electricity is a problem that is increasing very rapidly and one that is not widely known. We have many products to help shield us from the effects of dirty electricity and other electrical contaminants. 


We currently offert he following products in our Online Store:

  • Stetzer filters and meters to eliminate ELF's from our homes. Click here for more information. There are more articles on dirty Electricity in our Learning Center.
  • Bio Pro Pendants to wear that protect the body from harmful electrical energies
  • Computer pillows to absorb the radiation from computer screens
  • Salt lamps that generate negative ions creating  a sense of well-being along with reducing the effects of ELF's and other frequencies
  • Universal cell phone chips that protect from radiation from cell phones.
  • and ... much more!

Please contact us for more information and be sure to check out the Learning Center for articles that we have found about dirty electric and electrical pollution.

We have devoted two radio shows to this topic. Our November 6, 2007 our show is on Relationships with a Healthy Environment and on November 13, 2007 has an in depth interview with Dr. Magda Havas, an environmental scientist who has extensively studied the effects of dirty electricity.   

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