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Free Oneness Blessings from Esateys and Rafael

Join our Circle of Light Deeksha Blessings


     Rafael and I are pleased to provide free intent Oneness/Deeksha Blessings to anyone who desires them.

     Intent Deekshas are very powerful and do not have to be done in person.  In an intent Deeksha we will hold you in our Circle of Light and transfer the blessing to you. You may or may not feel anything when it is done, but it will continue to work its magic on you and will provide you exactly what you are needing in any given moment. We will be doing these intent Deekshas every Wednesday night at 9:30 PT. It is ideal to sit in a quitet meditative state between 9:30-10:00PM PT, although this not necessary for the full activation to be experienced.

     We also also intend to offer periodic telephone Deeksha sessions which will be on an as scheduled basis beginning in the fall. Because our schedule varies, you will be notified of them if you desire to participate in the call.

     To Signup,  please complete the form at the bottom of this page.   You may also include Family memebers, pets, your house and even your business to the Blessing experience. Just let us know who you would like to be included.

     Be assured that we will keep your personal information absolutely private and will not sell or give it to anyone.  We would also like your permission to add you to our mailing list so we can let you know about phone Deeksha sessions as well as other news, teachings or events that are happening in our world. If you do not want to be included in our mailing list, please let us know and you will not be added to our general mailing list but will be included in our Deeksha Circle of Light.





with Esateys and Rafael 

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